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California State Railroad Museum

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Located in Old Sacramento, the California State Railroad Museum is a complex of historic facilities and unique attractions. Widely regarded as North America’s most popular railroad museum. The museum is open daily from 10AM to 5PM. Exhibits cover a wide range of topics, from social issues (such as women’s role in the railroad workplace) to displays of railroad artwork intended to promote California and the West as a tourism destination.

DSCN2910 copy

DSCN2707 copy

DSCN2712 copy

DSCN2718 copy

DSCN2725 copy

DSCN2726 copy

DSCN2729 copy

DSCN2732 copy

DSCN2737 copy

DSCN2739 copy

DSCN2742 copy

DSCN7050 copy

DSCN2743 copy

DSCN2746 copy

DSCN2747 copy

DSCN2753 copy

DSCN2754 copy

DSCN2782 copy

DSCN2893 copy

DSCN7147 copy


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  1. Great pictures. Did you know that they still wear the strip bibs.

  2. Neat trip!! Great pictures! I wonder if the men that laid that 10 mile section in a day got rewarded…?

  3. What great pictures – and what beautiful trains! We used to go to our railroad museum when I was a child … always fun!


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